Low cost Ethernet to ISM RF gateway with embedded web server and USB


Cambridge, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — January 26, 2009 – A new family of gateway solutions for distributed radio networks has been launched, providing a low cost solution for the mass deployment of open and closed distributed radio systems in applications including wireless metering and home automation.

Cyan has combined its new USB/Ethernet gateway module with proven radio technologies from its partners, Ember, Micrel and Radiocrafts, to develop a portfolio of interoperable, production ready gateways and nodes with support for a range of wireless protocols including ZigBee, Wireless M-Bus, GPRS and Cy-Net.

Each gateway is built on Cyan’s USB/Ethernet module, which is designed with a radio agnostic motherboard to provide a flexible production ready platform for a range of radio technology interfaces. Cyan’s modules combine a powerful eCOG1X 16-bit microcontroller (MCU) with a USB interface and an Ethernet port and can be deployed quickly and easily as an embedded web server interface to control lines and sensors, or simply act as an Ethernet connection or link to USB hosted peripherals.

Applications which require the radio to be interoperable with established standards can choose either Cyan’s Wireless M-bus gateway which incorporates Radiocrafts RC11x0 Wireless M-Bus module, supporting R, S and T transmission modes for the 868 MHz frequency band, or Cyan’s ZigBee gateway combining the Ember 260 which operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

The Cy-Net gateway uses Cyan’s proprietary radio networking technology and is currently available on 433 MHz, 470 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz frequency bands using Micrel RF devices. Cy-Net is a low power advanced mesh networking protocol with self forming and healing capabilities, allowing networks to be deployed without needing to configure the network topology.

Furthermore, Cyan’s GPRS gateway includes GPRS to RF capability. This provides a low cost hardware platform for bridging between RF and GPRS networks, and also includes firmware support for web hosting over a GPRS network.

All gateway products are supported by Cyan’s CyanIDE 2.0 (Integrated Development Environment) software. CyanIDE 2.0 comprises a powerful set of development tools, including an editor, full GCC compiler, simulator, GDB debugger, memory configurator and in-system programmer. A configuration tool is also included which allows peripherals and other external components to be easily configured using a simple drag and drop GUI.

Cyan’s gateways and nodes all come with extensive firmware support for USB, TCP/IP, Ethernet, GPRS, FreeRTOS real time operating system and drivers for a range of radio technologies.