M2M: telecom companies reveal 4G smart meters and Indonesia platform


Telekom Austria 4G smart meter solution.jpgIn Europe, Telekom Austria Group M2M has this week launched the region’s very first LTE/4G smart meter solution in Austria.

The company’s LTE/4G enabled smart meter solution will be available to its domestic customers.

Telekom Austria’s domestic smart meter  Österreich Zähler is embedded with a smart grid communication module that supports both LTE/4G (2600MHz and 800MHz) and GPRS/2G (1800MHz and 900MHz) technology.

Bernd Liebscher, managing director Telekom Austria Group M2M, said about the new unit: “Smart meters based on wireless technology do not need any additional infrastructure and are therefore the ideal solution for a targeted rollout across the country.

“With the LTE/4G communication module, we are able to increase the reach of smart meters, to include previously difficult locations. Combined with the company’s M2M communications services based on Austria’s best network, Österreich Zähler offers a flexible, cost-effective and future-proof solution for domestic power grid operators.”

Southeast Asia M2M platform

Meanwhile in other M2M news, Ericsson and Ooredoo, an international communications company, have launched a cloud-based Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platform in Indonesia.

The offering presented by Ericsson and Ooredoo’s Indosat business unit is envisioned to play a key role in the adoption and implementation of smart city technologies, supporting customers’ “Connected Lives”.

Thomas Jul, head of Ericsson Indonesia and Timor Leste, said: “M2M will enable the full potential of our vision of the Networked Society, where everything that benefits for being connected will be connected. With Indosat we will explore the opportunities that will arise with M2M and empower people, business and society in Indonesia.”


Ooredoo’s cloud-based M2M service will be leveraged to deliver increased level of support and more flexible for commercial customers.

M2M speeds up growth in Indonesia

Growth in various business verticals such as banking, transportation, energy are anticipated to gain momentum through the use of IoT/M2M solutions, like that of Ericsson and Ooredoo’s M2M platform.

Indostat is reported to be the first member of the Ooredoo Group to have launched the M2M platform. Deployments are expected in Qatar, Algeria and Tunisia later this year.