Machine-to-Machine: International M2M Council recruits 10,000th member

Juniper Research forecasts that the global machine-to-machine sector will deliver service revenues of over US$40bn by 2019

Global industry association International M2M Council has announced that it has reached the 10,000 member mark.

The organisation brings together large-scale connectivity providers like AT&T and Deutsche Telekom, but also more dedicated network operators such as Aeris Communications and Kore Telematics.

It includes systems integrators like Digi, and equipment manufacturers like Telit, and chipware maker giants like Intel.

According to M2M Magazine, the IMC has used the new breadth of its membership to complete the first in a series of surveys, called the Quarterly IoT Buyers’ Index.

The buyer’s index tracks the purchasing patterns of its members over time to provide trending data for the Internet of Things or machine-to-machine communications.

Says Alex Brisbourne, chairman of the IMC and CEO of KORE Telematics: “The 10,000-member threshold is a major achievement.

“It will provide a statistically significant base for the quantitative research that we provide, which includes not just data about buying patterns, but also crucial demographic information about the members and ad hoc queries into important subjects like security and low-power IoT.”

He added: “We’re gaining close to 300 new Adopter Members every week, entirely through inbound programs – they’re coming to us – so it’s clear that there is a hunger for the kind of information we’re providing.”

ENEL and Telecom Italia Mobile sign agreement

In other machine-to-machine news, Italy’s electricity and gas distributor ENEL has signed an agreement with Telecom Italia Mobile leveraging machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities to improve the performance of its data transmission network.

Under the agreement, Telecom Italia Mobile will provide its advanced mobile network for the transmission of electricity meter data from digital meters with the aim of improving the overall performance of its data management processes and optimise related costs.

According to a Telecom Italia Mobile press statement, the systems that Enel will use “are based on the new SIM used in devices that transmit electricity consumption data and will replace existing systems. They will ensure a more effective flow of data, enabling more efficient management of remote metering on the electricity network.”