Managing multi-utility meter reading rounds

Asaïs, a French software supplier specialising in the field of energy management, has announced the launch of Saturne RL (Relève) – a new software solution for the management of water, gas and electricity meter reading rounds.

Saturne RL is the result of Asaïs’s 15 years of experience in the energy industry; it complements the original Saturne, an energy consumption data management system. Saturne RL can read low voltage and electromechanical meters, as well as electronic meters not connected to a public switched telephone network (PSTN). It can also be used independently of Saturne.

This software solution includes two modules – the first one, used on a computer, allows the preparation and organisation of meter reading rounds, uploading and downloading of consumption data, verification and analysis of the data, and forwarding to a central computerised system. The second module is used on handheld computers. It offers the option to visualise the meter reading rounds and manage meter status, record messages, and read and verify meter data.