Meter-ON project to steer development of AMI in Europe


Brussels, Belgium — (METERING.COM) — February 11, 2013 – The Meter-ON project has been launched with support from the European Commission’s Seventh European Framework Program to steer the implementation of smart metering solutions in Europe by collecting the most successful experiences in the field and highlighting the conditions that enabled their development.

The project is led by the European DSO organization, European Distribution System Operators (EDSO) for SmartGrids. The project consortium also includes the research organizations RSE of Italy and CEITAlanova of Austria, consultants Zabala, and the Italian foundation EnergyLab.

The objective of Meter-ON is to provide clear hands-on recommendations for the rollout of smart metering solutions in Europe, highlighting how to tackle technical and regulatory barriers. Meter-ON is addressing completed, on-going and planned smart metering projects, focusing on lessons learned from the most successful smart metering experiences in Europe. The project consists of a three-step approach: collecting smart metering project information, analyzing each project and then making recommendations on the way forward.

The first objective of smart metering infrastructures is “metering and billing”, but during the first months of Meter-ON it has clearly emerged that smart meters are also key enablers for consumers to be active in the energy market and other advanced services. Smart meters can contribute to network planning and maintenance and metering data can be used to analyse energy losses and to monitor quality of supply parameters. The DSOs involved in Meter-ON agree on the positive impact of smart metering in their distribution network management. At European level most utilities are also leveraging the smart metering infrastructure to enable smart applications such as integration of the distributed generation from renewable sources, charging of electric vehicles, active demand and load shaping. Some of the smart metering projects also include electricity and gas multi-metering applications.

“A successful deployment of smart meters is an important basis for reaching the EU energy objectives and reaping the full benefits from the energy market,” said Per-Olof Granström, secretary general of EDSO for Smart Grids. “We are very pleased to coordinate this project, giving distribution system operators, public authorities and regulators a better understanding of the current situation and the way forward.”

The 24-month project began in July 2012 and will run through June 2014.