meter2cash strengthens partnership with SAP


M2M logoZug, Switzerland — (METERING.COM) — October 12, 2006 – meter2cash, a Landis+Gyr company, and SAP have worked together over several years, most notably with the integration of M2C products with the SAP Industry Solution for Utilities component, IS_U.

Now meter2cash is meeting growing customer needs for the ability to lock-off the meters of poor payers by remote control from within the SAP system.

“Knowledge about tardy payers is only available within the billing system, whereas communication with the meter is a core task of any automatic meter reading system,” says meter2cash Sales Director Stefan Rose. “The challenge is that the overall procedure for meter lock-off has to be distributed among different IT systems.”

In basic terms, the meter lock-off procedure is as follows:

If a customer reaches a defined dunning level in the SAP system, a lock-off job is generated.

  • An M2C web service is called from within the SAP system to transfer the lock-off job to Converge (Landis+Gyr’s automated meter reading system for household accounts).
  • Converge communicates with the meter and shuts it down.
  • After successful shutdown, an SAP web service is called to inform SAP that the meter has been locked off.
  • SAP and meter2cash will present demo cases both jointly and separately; SAP will make its systems available to meter2cash, and vice versa.

The two companies have several common development plans under consideration – locking and unlocking of household meters; master data download (creation and editing of meter definitions in the Converge AMR system from within SAP IS_U); and further development of the integrated billing and load profile data interface for SAP’s SOA architecture.