Metering: Apprentices for British Gas| Irish Water meter progress

British Gas will be employing an additional 1,000 apprentices to install smart meters, the company has announced.
British Gas will be employing an additional 1,000 apprentices as part of their smart metering rollout, the company has announced.

British Gas, which has to date fitted around 1.5 million smart meters, is going to be employing an additional 1,000 apprentices onto their smart metering programme.

This in addition to the 1,400 are already working on the project.

Says Jorge Pikunic, managing director of British Gas Smart Metering: “This year we will recruit around 1,000 apprentices in smart metering. We’ve taken the lead in giving our customers more control and insight into their energy use through smart meters. The new recruits will mean we can help even more people benefit from smart meters.”

Meanwhile, of the new recruits, 30 will work for Scottish Gas.

Training will include installation of smart meters and explaining to customers how to use the smart meter in-home display.

British Gas is currently trialling a Smart Pay As You Go product for customers who have prepayment meters. The company is also creating new apps that give smart meter customers information about their energy use on their phone.

The new Scottish Gas recruits will receive technical training and will study for the City & Guilds Level 2 QCF Diploma in Smart Metering Dual Fuel.

Irish Water – €20,000 bill

Water bills in Ireland are capped at €64 per quarter while Irish Water undertakes a massive metering installation across the country. However, one customer received a bill of more than €20,000!  Yvonne Harris, billing services manager for Irish Water says, that this is almost certainly an indication that the customer has a leak and is not a result of excessive water usage.

Irish Water has installed some 750,000 meters thus far, and according to Andy Day, billing services operations manager, “around 40% of customers are beating the meter.”

The current fee set up in Ireland is such that unmetered customers pay a standard fee of €160 for a single adult home, or €260 for a two adult home per annum. Children under the age of 17 get an allowance of 21,000 litres of water per annum, free.

Metered homes pay €1.85 per 1,000 litres consumed, but bills are capped at either the €160 for a single adult home, or €260 for a two adult home. Conservation efforts by a household could, however, lead to lower bills.