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Since 1 January 2003 all electricity users in Spain have been able to take advantage of the deregulated environment in the country. Law 54/1997 defines the basic rules and principles for liberalisation of the Spanish electricity sector, and sets out the configuration of the new organisational framework.

This new organisational model has resulted in a radical change in the functioning of the sector, and has also affected the relationships between the various parties involved in the transmission and distribution of electricity. The days of state-owned utilities are over – but in order to ensure continuity of supply, all customers living in Spanish territory are cove red by specific supply guarantees and can rely on prescribed quality standards.

What impact will deregulation have on metering and data collection? What is the impact likely to be on billing and CRM/CIS systems?

A transition period for the liberalisation process has been defined, so that competition in the country develops progressively. In order for consumers to enjoy true freedom of choice, however, smart meters that allow real-time metering, time-of-use tariffs and load profiling will be needed. In addition the cost of electricity varies from supplier to supplier, although the price for transportation and distribution continues to be set by the government. Utilities will need efficient billing systems to ensure accuracy, and will attempt to attract and retain customers through the use of effective CRM programmes.

Metering Europe 2005, the leading conference of its kind in Europe, which takes place together with Billing Europe 2005 and CRM/CIS Europe 2005, will offer answers to the challenges currently facing utilities, vendors and specialists. Join us in Barcelona at this comprehensive form to learn from the experts and examine the opportunities and challenges of the customer-end service sector!

Event Highlights Include:

  • Innovation Solutions for next generation Utilities
  • Profiling Embedded Generation Exports
  • Smart Meters for energy effeciency