Metering code for Ireland set out


Dublin, Ireland — (METERING.COM) — June 19, 2007 – A Metering Code incorporating changes for the all island Single Electricity Market (SEM) has been set out by Ireland’s regulatory authority, the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER).

The Metering Code constitutes the Ireland metering arrangements that facilitate the SEM and other commercial requirements in Ireland for metered data, and specifies the minimum technical, design and operational criteria to be complied with for all commercial metering and data collection equipment and the associated procedures as required for the operation of an efficient electricity market.

The Code is applicable to the Transmission System Owner, Transmission System Operator and the Distribution System Operator, as well as generators, suppliers, the Public Electricity Supplier and final customers.

Key aspects of the Code include an alignment with the trading and settlement code obligations, requirements for main, check and potentially submetering, and ensuring that the definitions in the Code apply to all relevant meter operators. The areas it covers include meter approval, certification and testing, meter data management, general technical criteria and quarterly hourly metering.

In terms of the Code metering will be provided and installed by the relevant meter operator as soon as is reasonable practicable and will be maintained and inspected to the standards specified in the Code. Responsibility for meter type approval, certification and testing will be vested with an independent government body, the Director of Legal Metrology, and all equipment must conform to the relevant IEC (or equivalent European) standards.

Where a user is required to carry out a process necessitating metered data, the relevant meter operator will specify the form and time period in which such data shall be provided or may be obtained. As a minimum, for each registered meter seven full years of metered data shall be retained.

For connections greater than or equal to 10 MVA, and for generators with connections below 10 MVA who opt to participate in the wholesale market under the Single Electricity Market Trading and Settlement Code and who affect price in the wholesale market, main and check metering shall be provided, operating from separate current and voltage transformers (CT, VT) windings.

For quarterly hourly metering data storage facilities must have a storage capacity of 96 periods per day for a minimum of 20 days for all demand values (in kW or kVAr). Load profile metering will be equipped with standard communications ports for local and remote downloading of load profile data and other metered data. For new and replacement meters, demand values and maximum demand and energy registers will be capable of remote interrogation.

In cases where a user finds that it is, or will be, unable to comply with any provision of the Metering Code, it is required to report such non-compliance to the Commission and to make reasonable efforts to remedy such non-compliance as soon as reasonably practicable.