Metering data collection system for Pakistan power station upgraded


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Southampton, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — February 13. 2007 – Kenda Electronic Systems has upgraded the metering data collection software at three locations associated with the Hub River Power Station, which is situated 40km from Karachi in Pakistan.

The latest version of Kenda’s software, known as MDCS-SG, is now running in a local system at the power station itself and in two remote systems – one at the Karachi head office of the Hub Power Company (part of International Power) and one at WAPDA (the Water & Power Distribution Authority) in Lahore.

Operating in conjunction with Kenda’s Meteor range of remote data-collection outstations, the MDCS-SG software acquires metering data for the specified demand period, stores it in a database and performs calculations to provide total values and costs for billing purposes.

The software runs under any standard MS Windows 32-bit operating system and offers the facility to export data into third-party spreadsheets, databases and energy-management systems.

In addition to installing MDCS-SG and handing over the systems at all three sites in Pakistan, Kenda carried out training of local personnel to familiarize them with the operation of the new software.