We know that your marketing spend is limited, and you want to get the most return for your spend.

Did you know?

  • More than 60% of print magazine readers take action as a result of a magazine ad.
  • Digital magazines also drive response, with 91% taking action after reading a digital issue.

Because we know your time and money are valuable, we are collaborating with our colleagues at European Utility Week to give you some really special deals for enhancing your exposure at the event – putting you in front of all the attendees to the show, and giving you bonus exposure to the rest of our distribution audience of 80 000.

Our research has shown that the magazine is passed on to colleagues by more than 40% of our readers! So, isn’t this an offer worth considering?

And consider this… you will get LESS 15% on any of the following options for all exhibitors

Editorial options:
Option 1. Full page full color advert with one page of editorial (about 700 words)
Option 2. Half page advert with one and a half pages of editorial (about 1200 words)
Option 3. Half page advert with a half page of editorial (about 350 words)

Generic advertising options:
Full page full color advert
Half page full color advert

Website advertising options
Super banner on weekly e-newsletter
Skyscraper banner on weekly e-newsletter

HTML mail blast

Podcasts/ video hosting

White papers hosting

DON’T FORGET: As a European Utility Week exhibitor you will receive a 15% discount on these rates

So to review:

  1. This is a great offer and you should really consider it
  2. You will have exposure to more than 80 000 people within the metering and smart energy sector.
  3. Your promotion in the magazine will be seen long after the event, ensuring longevity of your marketing message.

The editorial deadline for Smart Energy International is 25 August and ad material deadline is August 20th.

For further information, please contact:

Gerald Schreiner:
+27 21 700 3533