Metering UK: regulator says 25% of companies still waiting for advanced meters

Ofgem applies smart meter privacy to remote meters

UK energy regulator Ofgem has described the completion rates for installing advanced meters to commercial customers as “disappointing”.

In a statement released yesterday, Ofgem said it was investigating British Gas, E-On and npower to see if they had taken reasonable steps to meet government targets of fitting 155,000 business customers with advanced electricity meters by April 2014.

Ofgem said: “Based on our assessments, the roll-out was only 75% complete in electricity, compared to 86% complete in gas.

“British Gas, E.ON and npower had the lowest completion rates in electricity, accounting for over half of the 40,000 advanced electricity meters still waiting to be installed.”

Today’s investigations were opened into three companies with the lowest completion rates, however Ofgem confirmed there were a number of other suppliers who also did not roll out advanced meters to all its eligible customers.

The regulator said it will keep the need for action in respect to these suppliers under review.

Mandatory meter rollout

Commenting on the obligation of energy companies to deploy advanced meters, Rachel Fletcher, senior partner for Ofgem’s markets division, said: “We are disappointed in the overall performance of the majority of suppliers concerning the roll-out of advanced meters to business customers.

“Regulatory and government programmes are not optional and failure to meet these in a timely way causes consumer harm.

“All suppliers can and must learn the lessons from the roll-out of meters for business customers and apply them to the domestic smart meter roll-out.”