Meters and More Gateway project part of ‘Beyond the Meter’ programme


There are presently more than 50 million smart meters employing the Meters and More protocol in pilots and large-scale rollouts around the world. The widely deployed smart metering information and telecommunication protocol is, however, only the first part of the story.

Says Giacomo Gargano, General Manager, Meters and More: “Meters and More AISBL, is an open non-profit organization based in Brussels. Started in 2010 with the goal of promoting the open Meters and More protocol for smart metering, assuring product interoperability, a neutral certification process, standardization at European and international level and the continuous integration of technological evolutions. It also serves as a platform for the experts of the member organizations to jointly commit to research and development activities. Currently, Meters and More has 45 members around the world and in 2017, five new members joined the Association. We are proud of it.”

The Meters and More Association are committed to finding new ways to add value ‘beyond the meter. “The association’s purpose is not only to provide an interoperable end-to-end solution for smart metering, but also to develop product extensions for value-added services” added Manuel de Tellechea, Chairman of the TCS (Technical Committee for Specifications). 

“To this end, the TCS Committee recently released the first prototype of its Smart Energy Gateway for communication between the smart meter and in-home devices. This interface enables the interchange of energy consumption information in near real-time and the creation of new services based on the Meters and More protocol. The Smart Energy Gateway is the key element of the Meters and More Beyond the Meter programme, which is aimed at accelerating the delivery of smart energy benefits for customers.”

The Gateway will connect with other smart devices in the home, using other standard communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, etc. Gargano says that this is just one of the initiatives being undertaken by Meters and More in the second half of 2017.

“Meters and More is committed to enable consumer awareness by delivering technology evolution, which enables new services to allow customers to optimise energy consumption and stimulates forms of participation,” says Michele Salaris, Meters and More Chairman of Board of Director, “thus responding to the challenges of electrical systems such as increased efficiency and reliability, infrastructure and investment planning. The Association principles drive technology evolution to be a viable solution, massive wide-spread, economically advantageous through open technology, standardisation, interoperability, certification and robust and secure communication.”