METERS AND MORE smart meter IC from ST Microelectronics simplifies interoperability


Geneva, Switzerland — (METERING.COM) — July 1, 2013 – The first smart meter integrated circuit (IC) with built-in support for the METERS AND MORE open communication standard, which enables widespread interoperability among smart metering equipment using powerline communication (PLC), has been introduced by STMicroelectronics.

This will help to maximize smart grid benefits for the environment, consumers and utility companies.

ST’s ST75MM IC is the first to embed hardware and communication protocol support for METERS AND MORE, simplifying meter design to ultimately enable faster, lower cost and reliable deployments. METERS AND MORE is an open specification managed by the METERS AND MORE Association comprising leading technology companies and utilities spanning the Americas, Europe and Asia.

“The ST75MM represents a concrete answer to the challenges associated with encouraging standardization and interoperability, while assuring the adoption of a mature technology proven over millions of smart meters already in the field,” said Giuseppe Michele Salaris, chairman of the Board of Directors at METERS AND MORE Association. “The world’s energy businesses, from technology companies to utilities, should take advantage of this breakthrough to meet important climate saving objectives such as the EU’s 20/20/20 goals.”

Customers using the ST75MM can join the METERS AND MORE Association and achieve certification for their products to enable widespread use by utility companies.

ST implemented METERS AND MORE in its ST75MM IC to benefit from the protocol’s strong features for smart meter and advanced metering infrastructure applications, such as short messages, robust encryption and authentication features, support for network configuration and management, and retransmission management. The ST75MM joins ST’s STarGRID® SoC portfolio of smart meter system-on-chip devices, which also includes the ST7570 supporting IEC 61334-5-1 communication, and the ST7590, which implements the PRIME standard.

First samples of the ST75MM, in the 7x7mm QFN 48 package, will be available to selected customers by October 2013.