Million meter contract for electric, gas smart meters with British Gas


Petter Allison,
Director for
Smart Metering,
British Gas 
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — March 30, 2010 – The U.K.’s largest energy supplier, British Gas, has awarded a contract to Landis+Gyr to deploy up to one million “dual fuel” electricity and gas smart meters along with touch screen in-home display in customer homes.

The deal, which will see British Gas marking one of the fastest, largest and most advanced smart meter deployments in Europe, could save consumers more than £200 million in energy bills.

Under the deployment, which will precede the U.K.’s main smart metering rollout, consumers will be able to independently manage their energy consumption, cut their energy bills and protect the environment. A quarter of CO2 emissions in the U.K. come from homes.

British Gas and Landis+Gyr plan an open development, based wherever possible on existing standards, to help to accelerate the U.K.’s national smart metering rollout and encourage the faster development of a range of “smart” household appliances, from intelligent dishwashers to self-regulating heating controls. As part of the development, Landis+Gyr will share details of its smart metering system with third parties, allowing U.K. businesses a fast track to the creation of new solutions aimed at consumers, suppliers and utilities alike. This move is intended to provide other utilities with an open, practical blueprint for commercial-scale smart metering, crystallising guidance provided by both the U.K. Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) and the regulator Ofgem.

“We view this smart metering rollout as one of our largest and most important projects ever,” said Petter Allison, director for smart metering for British Gas. “Smart meters have a fundamental role to play as they help customers become far more aware of the amount and cost of energy they use which encourages people to reduce their usage and save money.”

British Gas is the first of the country’s “Big Six” utilities to undertake a major deployment following the publication last December of the DECC’s final plans for a national rollout by 2020.  

“Our partnership with British Gas represents a major breakthrough for smart metering in the U.K.,” said Cameron O’Reilly, CEO of Landis+Gyr. “Together, we will pioneer the technical and practical standards that we hope will see every home and business in the country switch to smart metering within the next decade. We are proud and pleased to have been selected for such an instrumental role in this major deployment.”