More smart meters for the U.K.


Peterborough, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — September 13, 2007 – Ampy Metering is enlarging its production facilities in the U.K. to meet the demand for smart meters, following the announcement of government-sponsored trials to establish whether smart meters can aid efficient use of energy. This will be Ampy’s first introduction of the technology in the U.K. market.

Smart meters provide customers with information about how much electricity they are using via a customer display unit which gives this information to  users in real time. The government aims to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by encouraging changes in energy use patterns.

Ampy Metering’s sales manager, Steve Brophy, said: “The Government sponsored trials of smart metering technology will inform the shape of the market for the next few years and our investment in new premises and infrastructure will make us best placed to capitalize on that opportunity.

“It’s a giant leap forwards in terms of energy efficiency and our new premises will allow us to increase our production of smart gas and electrical meters to two million next year.”