More than 3.5 million UK domestic energy meters switched during lockdown


Figures, collated by UK energy retailer Love Energy Savings show that 3.5 million domestic energy meters were switched in the UK between March and July, with many citing a desire to minimise the added cost of working from home as the primary reason.

Other reasons that were given for switching included greater availability and more time to shop around, dissatisfaction with service and a need to reduce living costs due to the financial strain caused by the pandemic. 

Phil Foster, CEO of Love Energy Savings, said: “We have seen a surge in customers looking to save money off their energy bills in recent months and are delighted that they are using the Love Energy Savings platform to ensure they get the best deal.

“Naturally, with the current economic uncertainties, we are all trying to cut costs where possible and our energy bills are an area that can make a real financial difference to all households and small businesses.

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“Our talented team of developers have built a world-class new web platform that makes it easier than ever for consumers to save on their energy bills, simply by entering their postcode.

“The savings we’ve seen from switching have been phenomenal – with 51% of domestic customers saving at least £233.

“I would urge all those facing working from home for the long term to think about how that will impact their energy usage and then get the best deal possible on their bill.

“In just four clicks they could find themselves a better energy deal that could save them hundreds of pounds – often without ever having to change supplier too.”

It comes as energy regulator Ofgem recently revealed that energy bills will fall by an average of £84 in October after it lowered the price cap.

Last month, Love Energy Savings revealed that website conversion rates had rocketed by 39% since the new IT system – which allows customers to quickly get the best energy deal available to them – went live.

Launched in January, the platform removes one of the most significant barriers to switching – by allowing shoppers to search for a better energy deal with just their postcode.

Other switching services require visitors to provide details of their current supplier and usage before they can see what offers are available to them.