National Technological Platform on Energy to be established in Poland


Mariusz Swora,
President, Energy
Regulatory Office
Warsaw, Poland — (METERING.COM) — November 24, 2010 – A National Technological Platform on Energy is to be established in Poland, following the signing of a declaration last week by various parties, including the president of the Energy Regulatory Office, Mariusz Swora.

The new Platform has four strategic areas of activity. These are technological research, knowledge implementation, cooperation between energy coalition partners, and popularizing the work of the Platform among the public. The aim is to support the creation of advanced control process automation of power systems to be applied in the electricity, gas, heat and water supply sectors, supported by the latest, cost effective IT and telecommunication technologies.

The energy coalition comprises individuals, social groups, consumer and industry organizations, enterprises and state authorities.

“Above all creating conditions for the greater absorption of innovation by the energy sector is the purpose of this Platform,” commented Swora after signing the declaration. “For reasons of national economic interest, the Polish energy sector must take an active part in the race for innovation, and open itself for modern technologies friendly for consumers, guaranteeing the balanced development and more safe supply of energy.”

Other signatories to the declaration include Wojciech DÄ…browski, chairman of the Management Board of the Industry Development Agency (ARP), Andrzej Szortyka, member of the Management Board of the ARP, Anna Fornalczyk, professor of Łódź Technical University, Jan RÄ…czka, president of the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management, Tadeusz Skoczkowski, chairman of the Management Board of the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE), MieczysÅ‚aw Struk, Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship, and Andrzej Werkowski, chairman of the Management Board of Chamber of Industrial Energy and Energy Consumers.