National water grid no longer needed in the UK


England & Wales, UK — (METERING.COM) — September 7, 2006 – The UK-based Environment Agency said today that a large-scale water grid from the north of England or Wales was not the answer to water shortages in the south east.

Releasing its review into the feasibility of a national water grid, the Environment Agency said sharing water between regions, reducing leaks, encouraging water savings in households and industry and building new reservoirs were better, more sustainable solutions.

Acting Chief Executive Paul Leinster said: "We think water companies can meet future water demand over the next 25 years without the need for a national grid. Our national strategy for water resources identifies the need for new resource developments, but not on the scale of a national grid. Other measures, such as demand management, metering and reducing leakage, also have a big role to play in managing water supplies.”