Navetas and Texas Instruments partner to integrate disaggregation technology in smart meter and smart grid systems


Chris Saunders,
CEO, Navetas
Energy Management
Woodbridge, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — October 26, 2012 – A technology partnership agreement has been entered into between Navetas Energy Management and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) to embed Navetas’ home energy monitoring disaggregation technology on TI’s processor platforms, opening the way for the expansion of the technology into new smart metering and smart grid systems.

Energy disaggregation holds the key to unlocking the potential of home energy monitoring systems in reducing energy demand and changing consumer behavior by showing households how much energy each individual appliance is using. Navetas’ technology is self learning and can monitor appliance level energy use from a single point, namely the smart meter, in real time.

Energy disaggregation technology applications also include smart grid functionality such as demand response, load balancing and distribution monitoring applications.

“This partnership … clearly demonstrates the global potential of energy disaggregation technology as the burgeoning home energy monitoring sector begins to scale around the world,” commented Chris Saunders, CEO of Navetas.

“Navetas offers an unparalleled expertise in energy disaggregation technology and is a great example of how complex data processing can provide game-changing functionality to our industry,” added Markus Staeblein, general manager of TI’s smart grid product line.