New billing system for electricity and water in Malta


Austin Gatt,
Malta’s Minister
of Infrastructure,
Transport &
Valletta, Malta — (METERING.COM) — January 15, 2010 – Malta’s electric and water utilities Enemalta and the Water Services Corporation have established a new company for meter reading and billing, and they have also switched to a new billing system.

The new company, Automated Revenue Management Services Limited (ARMS), which was announced by Malta’s infrastructure, transport and communication minister, Austin Gatt, will be responsible for the whole process from meter reading to revenue collection. In addition, ARMS will manage customer service for both corporations, with the aim of improving the service and developing the concept of a “one stop shop” for customers.

ARMS is part of a wide ranging initiative, which also includes the introduction of smart meters and a new SCADA system, and the move to a new billing system from SAP. After a 10-month preparation period the two utilities migrated to the new billing system on January 4.

As part of its customer service activities ARMS will introduce a new portal, which will provide customers with access to detailed electricity and water consumption information as well as other services they can access in their homes. This portal is expected to be in operation by April.

With the new billing system the bill has also been redesigned and will provide detailed consumption data as well as other information such as carbon footprint. Customers will also be able to opt for a budget payment plan in which they pay an identical amount each month, and possibly in the future a prepaid scheme will be introduced.

Gatt said the projects will be integrated with a view to achieving the highest levels of efficiencies in the operation of the corporations.

Enemalta launched a five-year nationwide smart meter and smart grid project early last year, with the first meters being installed in May 2009.