New Caledonia: ENGIE subsidiaries on track to meet 2020 net-zero goal


A subsidiary of ENGIE which focuses on energy storage and microgrids has provided a 5MWh storage system to enable the decarbonisation of energy in New Caledonia.

ENGIE EPS has unveiled a 5MWh storage system for use by utility EEC ENGIE as part of the “Lifou 100% Renewable Energy by 2020″ project.

The energy storage plant will supply Lifou with 100% green energy for several hours a day and will store the excess energy provided by the solar and wind power plants to return it to the grid when needed.

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ENGIE has integrated an energy management solution with the storage unit to switch off the island’s diesel generators when energy demand is fully covered by the solar or wind production, without any risk to the stability of the network.

This mode of operation, called “grid-forming”, allows minimal use of fossil fuel and maximises the contribution of renewable energy in New Caledonia.

The integration of the energy storage unit is part of the second phase of Lifou 100% Renewable Energy by 2020.

The first stage comprised the installation of wind and solar energy generation infrastructure. The third phase will include the installation of more wind and energy capacity in 2020.

Carlalberto Guglielminotti, Chief Executive Officer at ENGIE EPS commented: “We are proud to have delivered to ENGIE a cutting-edge storage solution, providing another example of the enormous potential of our technology within ENGIE Group’s geographic reach. The system delivered in Lifou leverages the expertise built by ENGIE EPS in designing, supplying and operating microgrid systems on islands around the globe, and represents the blueprint for achieving exceptional levels of renewable penetration while guaranteeing world-class power quality and reliability.”