New Energy association to be unveiled at Enlit Europe


A new Italian energy sector association will take its first steps into the energy transition at Enlit Europe in Milan, ‘the ideal springboard’ for Generazione Distribuita.

Generazione Distribuita – Sistemi per la Generazione di Energia’ (Energy Production – Systems for Energy Production) was formed during the pandemic.

In June it was constituted within ANIMA CONFINDUSTRIA, the organisation which represents Italian companies in the mechanical and engineering sector.

ANIMA members together account for €44.5 billion euros and have an export/production share of 57.2%. Several macro sectors are represented by ANIMA: energy production; building and infrastructures; handling and logistics; food processing; industry production; safety; and environment. As such, ANIMA – and specifically its macro sector Energy – was the natural location for Generazione Distribuita.

Marco Monsurrò from Coelmo was elected President of Generazione Distribuita; and alongside him, two Vice-Presidents: Mario Carraro of MeccAlte and Alessandro Favola from Kohler.

The association gathers manufacturers and distributors of equipment, components and systems for the conversion of electric energy, such as engines and alternators. The Italian supply chain of this sector is worth some €1.3 million.

More than 20 companies answered Generazione Distribuita’s initial rallying call, and they become its founding members. The association was founded during the pandemic, which represented a turning point for all involved, both professionally and personally, and also made them aware of the need for utilities to be more connected and forward-looking.

For Generazione Distribuita the concept of teamwork is essential: in a global economy, competitors are not companies nearby, but outside Italy in international markets. So for the member companies of the association, pooling their resources and knowledge gives them a collective strength.

Generazione Distribuita
Image: Generazione Distribuita

Generazione Distribuita also wants to establish links with engineer associations within similar organisations, not least because the times demand it: energy is an increasingly sensitive issue and the production of energy is becoming more vital than water.

Exhibitions and networking events will be crucial for the development of Generazione Distribuita, which wants to be a flexible trade association in step with the times. This is why it will be at Enlit Europe, one of the first live exhibitions to take place after the long lockdown.

ANIMA Vice-President Bruno Fierro says: “I appreciate and congratulate manufacturers of electrogen groups who succeeded in constituting in a very short time a new association, which was indeed the missing piece in ANIMA, in order to increase representativeness of such an important sector as that of systems for energy production.

“Enlit Europe is the suitable place for rethinking energy together, through synergies and alliances which may grant us a sustainable future of growth for the sector through integrating competences, know-how and contributions of supply chains.

For Generazione Distribuita, Enlit Europe is the ideal springboard and opportunity to make its debut.”

We can’t wait to see you in Milan

Enlit Europe will bring the energy community together during the live event in Milan (30 November – 2 December 2021). Register here