New fast multi-channel PLC concept from ModemTec


A new fast narrowband PLC communication concept named MCM communication has been developed by Czeck smart meter supplier ModemTec in cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT).

MCM communication uses transmission channel with higher intensity (multi‐channel communication).

Turbocode implementation increases ability to restore damaged data that are transferred over disturbed transmission channel.

The maximum communication rate reaches up to 400 kbit/s. If the channel is extremely disturbed, the rate decreases to 40 kbit/s. A special composition of communication packet headers guarantees 1 B transfer, even if distortion significantly increases the signal level (transmission of mass messages with 255 choices).

The sampling frequency of MCM is 320 kHz and the bandwidth is 90 kHz.

MCM communication is expected to be up to 150 times faster than other PLC types.