New high-precision current sensor family launched


VacHanau, Germany — (METERING.COM) — September 27, 2006 – VACUUMSCHMELZE, a manufacturer of advanced magnetic materials and related products, will present its new high-precision current sensor family at this year’s Electronica trade show, being held in November.

Type T60404-N4646-X654 measures maximum effective continuous current up to 50 A and peaks of up to ±150A. The dimensions of the sensor housing are a compact 22.2 mm x 10 mm x 24 mm. The electronics of these new-design sensors are almost completely concentrated in an integrated circuit designed in collaboration with a leading semiconductor manufacturer.

The sensor displays AC and DC current of any waveform up to 100 kHZ and over. It requires only a unipolar 5 volt power supply, and generates output voltage proportional to input current. VAC’s patented principle involves a compensation sensor with magnetic probe as zero field detector, and delivers precise current readings. DC offset, hysteresis, temperature influence and long-term drift of output variable are all minimal, and interference such as output noise or periodic signal at zero input is negligible.