New iMEGA gateway due in the new year


Karl Scheuber,
Product Manager,
Switzerland — (METERING.COM) — December 13, 2006 – Automatic meter reading via GPRS is widespread. Lower communication costs are causing an increasing number of energy suppliers to replace conventional modem connections to meters with state-of-the-art GPRS connections.

In order to solve the problem of dynamic addressing within the GPRS network, the iMEGA software was developed by meter2cash in 2005 to provide a gateway between the automatic meter reading system and the communication unit. Subsequently communications between the communication units and the gateway have been standardized with the development of the new DIN standard 43863-4 and also there has been a growing interest of energy suppliers in GPRS metering, with increasing demands being placed on such products. In order to take account of these developments, a new version of the iMEGA software (Version 2.1) has been developed and will be released in January 2007.

Features of iMEGA 2.1 include:

  • Support of the DIN 43863-4 standard. This enables iMEGA to also connect to third-party communication units that support the standard.
  • Checking and overview via a graphical user interface. The manager software enables users to conveniently configure iMEGA from any workstation, including which communication units can access iMEGA, which COM ports can access iMEGA, which COM ports and communication units are currently online, and iMEGA server status and logbook.