New low cost high performance ISM band RF modules at 2.4 GHz


Oslo, Norway — (METERING.COM) — January 5, 2010 – Two new multi-channel RF transceivers with embedded protocol, the low cost RC2500-RC232 and RC2500HP-RC232, have been launched by compact RF module provider Radiocrafts AS.

The RC2500 is below US$10 in volume. The RC2500HP includes a range extension LNA and 100 mW PA. The new modules have numerous applications in M2M communication, sensor and control networks.

The module is a complete RF system solution including a high performance multi-channel FSK radio transceiver and a packet protocol handler, with an easy-to-use UART interface. The embedded RC232™ protocol provides a point-to-multipoint solution with individual addressing or broadcast, and CRC check for signal integrity. The module can also be used as a wireless RS232/RS485 cable replacement.
The compact modules, measuring only 12.7 x 25.4 x 3.3 mm, makes up a complete RF modem in one single tiny package, replacing tens of components compared to a discrete design. No external components are required, except an antenna. Small size and low power consumption make them ideal for integration into size constrained battery operated equipment.

The new modules are also pin compatible with the RC11x0 series giving the customer a complete range of replaceable modules at 433, 868, 915 and 2450 MHz.

“The RC2500-RC232 enables us to provide ultra low cost modules at 2.4 GHz,” says product line manager Ørjan Nottveit. “With the easy-to-use embedded protocol we are convinced that the RC2500 modules will give the lowest total cost solution to the customers. With the RC2500HP high power module we overcome the range challenges often seen at 2.4 GHz.”

The RC2500-RC232 and RC2500HP-RC232 (set to 10 mW) are pre-certified for operation under the European radio regulations for license-free use. When used with quarter-wave antennas a line-of-sight range of 1,000 and 3,500 m respectively can be achieved at low data rates. Both modules are also designed for operation under the FCC regulations.