New open specification technology to facilitate IP connectivity for M2M devices


Wavecom executives
from left, Laurent
Girault, Pierre Piver
and Michel Alard
(Chairman) with PSA
Group Chairman
Christian Streiff
Issy-les-Moulineaux, France — METERING.COM — November 13, 2008 – A new technology which allows applications running on non-IP devices to be connected over IP (Internet Protocol), drastically simplifying M2M (machine-to-machine) application design and deployment has recently been launched.

Despite IP benefits, today’s M2M application deployments are still largely based on non-IP capable network technologies and devices, due to strict requirements on power consumption, coverage, device resources, or deployment costs.

To overcome these barriers, Wavecom has launched an innovative technology — known as RIPlink™ —  that extends IP networks’ reach. Thanks to a RIPlink™ gateway that is connected on one side to the IP network, and on the other side to one or more non-IP networks, standard TCP or UDP applications can run on non-IP devices and have access to the IP network resources. No IP stack is required on the device, and the underlying non-IP network remains unchanged. The client or server IP application running on the device is seen from the IP network as a standard IP application of the RIPlink™ gateway. The gateway can manage several devices simultaneously, on one or more different non-IP networks.

Applications can operate on heterogeneous devices on IPv4 – or IPv6 – and non-IP networks, using standard IP addressing, TCP and UDP principles.

To ensure that the M2M community benefits to the fullest from the RIPlink™ technology, Wavecom is making RIPlink™ available as an open technology, with public specifications and solutions available from Wavecom as well as from other RIPlink™ adopters.
Laurent Girault, Technical Marketing Director at Wavecom, concluded: “RIPlink™ is a powerful way to simplify M2M application development and deployment, while keeping the choice of the best connectivity open for each specific application. RIPlink™ not only provides the right technical solution: As a freely available technology it is future-proof and open, as IP is. This technology removes a barrier to growth in the M2M market, and companies adopting RIPlink™ will be able to improve their business efficiency and capture new opportunities.”