New smart metering sensor board for Waspmote platform


David Gascón,
Zaragoza, Spain — (METERING.COM) — October 25, 2010 – Wireless sensor network developer Libelium has announced a new smart metering sensor board for its modular Waspmote platform.

The new board extends the current features by supporting the measurement of key parameters including electric current, water flow, weight of materials and goods, liquid level, distance and displacement of an object. Applications include managing the usage of electricity and water, as well as supply chain management and manufacturing.

Most existing smart metering products are closed systems with limited wireless range making them unsuitable for most industrial uses.

“Combining the new sensor board with Waspmote’s wide range of radios, enables monitoring of electricity and water usage in the most remote locations,” says Libelium’s David Gascón. “Waspmote enables measurement to take place wherever required, for example from garages, basements, remote machinery and even from inside walls.”

Industrial systems need to be configurable and very reliable. The modular, open platform is readily configurable to meet the specific needs of a customer. Users only need to buy those boards and sensors that they require for their particular application. Many existing smart meters depend on a mains power supply meaning that if that fails, the meter powers down and is therefore unable to send an alarm. The Waspmote electrical current sensor is suitable for domestic and industrial use covering up to 150 A.

The water flow sensor – capable of measuring flows in pipes from 0.15 to 60 litres/minute – is suitable for measuring water consumption, for detecting leakage in pipes and for monitoring agricultural irrigation.

Waspmote’s modularity and openness enables smart metering to be deployed flexibly by customers. The new versatile board, which is ideal for smaller and medium scale deployments, supports up to six sensors; the customer can select the type and number of sensors to use. For larger scale deployment, Libelium offers a development service to create custom metering boards with one or two sensors.

Waspmote’s platform comprises Waspmote board with microcontroller, memory, battery, accelerometer and sockets for add-on modules, open source API and compiler, Xbee range of ZigBee wireless communication modules offer a choice of protocol versions, radio frequency and range (up to 40 km), wireless modules supporting Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS, and a wide variety of sensor boards enabling the measurement of smart metering parameters among others.