New software for automated measurement of energy


New software for automated measurement of energy


Global realtime IT company Telvent has released Titanium2 – the second version of its Titanium software, for use with the Telvent Metering System (TMS) platform for automatic energy measurement. The TMS platform is based on Echelon Corporation’s Networked Energy Services (NES) system, an advanced solution for metering tasks.

With the release of Titanium2, energy companies can use a web-based application to administer all aspects of the AMR infrastructure, including installation of meter and data concentrator software, execution of orders to obtain data from meters and concentrators, management of system incidents, configuration of hourly and daily readings and their storage in a database, and management of user access to the system.

Building on Telvent’s long history in SCADA applications for energy companies, Titanium2 expands into the new generation of metering applications that have become a reality through Echelon’s NES system. This combination of power and stability is what has allowed Telvent to become a leading company in the emerging market for advanced metering systems in Europe – Swedish energy utility Vattenfall chose Telvent as the main contractor to supply the TMS system to 700,000 of its customers.