New sub-1 GHz RF development kit


Dübendorf, Switzerland — (METERING.COM) — September 30, 2008 – A new evaluation and development kit has been developed by Axsem AG for its AX- AX5042 (narrow band) and AX5051 (universal) transceiver family.

The AX5042-DVK/AX5051-DVK is a complete and flexible ready-to-go solution addressed to RF engineers for easy testing, evaluation and development of RF systems and software. It contains one parallel and two USB base boards, as well as four RF modules (two each for the 433 MHz and 868/915 MHz bands) for plugging onto the base boards.  While the parallel board is the choice for real performance tests using professional lab equipment including spectrum analyzer and signal generators, the USB boards are designed for application-oriented developments such as sending packets easily and measuring packet error rate. The USB base board is a microcontroller board based on the well known 8051 µC with integrated USB interface and 16 kb flash memory. The 8051 controller can be programmed with the included USB programmer. The open source, license free SDCC compiler rounds off the AX5042-DVK/AX5051-DVK and makes it a powerful but yet cost-effective development tool.

The AX5042-DVK/AX5051-DVK also offers a wide selection of software. This includes PC software to control the base boards and to interface the RF transceiver over the USB or parallel ports. This facilitates the adjustment of all chip register settings and also supports the development by RF engineers of their own µC software. The kit also comprises all the necessary firmware and application specific sample software for microcontrollers. Most software is provided compiled and ready-to-go as C source code.

Axsem AG is an IC manufacturer specializing in cutting edge ISM RF transceiver ICs for applications including AMR, home automation and consumer electronics, among others.