New technology for water leakage control

Qonnectis logo resizeSunbury-on-Thames, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — February 5, 2007 – A U.K. water utility will install a new product that incorporates technology for leakage control and monitoring applications. Qonnectis plc, a supplier of multi-utility smart metering, has announced that the order was received after successful field trials of pre-production units.

The order is for the production of units incorporating new technology for leakage control and monitoring applications, which was developed by Qonnectis and the utility. The formal industry launch of the product is expected to take place later in Qonnectis’ financial year to 30 June 2007, with volume production taking place in the Far East. The intellectual property rights (IPR) for the co-developed product are jointly owned, and are based on a combination of pre-existing background IPR owned independently by the water company and Qonnectis.

Michael Tapia, Chief Executive of Qonnectis commented: “This product represents a breakthrough for leakage control and a major step forward for Qonnectis as a business. The partnership with our customer has created a product with considerable potential and we expect it to make a significant contribution to our continued growth.”

Qonnectis’ patented technologies enable the analysis of remote meter data to facilitate water leakage control, customer profiling, and energy and water management efficiency. Its products are already being used by a wide range of UK and overseas utilities, as well as large commercial and domestic users of energy or water.