New trial package for SmartMeter C100R water meter


Chesterfield, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — October 25, 2007 – Severn Trent Services have developed a new package for water companies to help identify and accurately quantify supply pipe leakage. The SmartMeter™ C100R Concentric Water Meter Package helps water companies provide auditable figures, apply demand management tariffs and pinpoint and prioritize supply pipe repair work, and can be used by UK water companies as a tool to provide data to regulator OFWAT in the yearly return.

The SmartMeter C100R has been developed specifically to meet the detailed requirements of the UK water industry, and was designed by seven water companies and brought to market by Severn Trent Metering Services. The meter’s built-in intelligence can differentiate between leakage and legitimate use to provide quantifiable data relating to the leak location, duration, start date and – importantly – the leak rate.

The package consists of a SmartMeter C100R intelligent concentric water meter, radio receiver device, handheld computer with charger and docking station, data analysis software package and spread sheetbased data analysis software. In addition, the package comes with advice on property selection as well as repair and replacement strategies. Also included is information on categorization of property types to determine sample size requirements; planning and meter installation programs; collection of initial, intermittent and final reads; detailed data analysis; leakage analysis; evaluation of consumption trends; and determination of leakage as a percentage of total consumption.

The C100R offers supply pipe leakage analysis advantages including consumption monitoring at one minute intervals for high resolution leakage analysis; rapid collection of data via radio link and walk-by reading for economic and frequent data collection; leakage start time, rate and duration recorded to allow the determination of leak location – supply pipe or internal – to facilitate repairs; and high resolution data. Smart metering technology also provides sustainable accuracy through the meter’s life, with no lost revenue due to progressive meter inaccuracies.