New ventures for Dutch network company Alliander


Dutch network company Alliander has announced two new ventures – the acquisition of part of multi-vendor head end and smart energy platform Netinium’s activities, and a smart grid cooperation agreement with Siemens Smart Grid Division.

Under the agreement with Netinium, Alliander takes ownership of company related activities including a software solution for data communication using smart meters. Netinium will continue to work on the ongoing development and supply of head ends and smart energy platforms for reading and managing smart meters and smart energy networks for customers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Over the next few years, Alliander expects data traffic in the energy networks to become increasingly intensive and crucial. Smart meters will need to be read in a timely and correct way so that customers can be sent the correct energy bills. Smart meters will be offered to all consumers over the coming years, and Alliander will step up its rollout of intelligent energy networks. These networks contain sensors with which energy flows can be monitored more accurately and controlled remotely. The agreement will give Alliander more control over software for data communication for managing vital electricity and gas infrastructures.

Under the agreement with Siemens the two companies will join forces to develop and promote innovations for intelligent power supply networks, focusing on requirements for which there are not yet any marketable solutions.

Possible solutions include technologies which can be used to increase the transparency of medium and low voltage networks, innovations for virtual power plants, innovations for data security in power grids and for patch management, as well as the development of analyses specifically tailored to grid managers. To accomplish this, the data recorded along the entire energy conversion chain should be prepared so it will be in a usable form for grid managers.