New version of IDSpecto.AMM- Cockpit.NES with features for more efficiency


Koblenz, Germany — (METERING.COM) — July 15, 2013 – A new version of the IDSpecto.AMMCockpit.NES dashboard has been released by Görlitz, with optimized processing of large data volumes and support for the user in concentrating on relevant issues.

Part of Görlitz’s IDSpecto.AMM solution,
IDSpecto.AMMCockpit.NES is the management tool for operating the NES metering system from Echelon as a head-end system within the SmartMDM IDSpecto. IDSpecto.AMMCockpit.NES supports all significant functions which are necessary for reliable availability and easy operation of a smart metering system.

The two essential innovations of the new version are speed of data processing and interface design, with improved processing and display of mass data. Due to a new concept of data reading, information can be displayed significantly faster than before, noticeably accelerating the display of individual lists. This not only contributes to seamless processing in general but specifically facilitates daily information requests for the smart metering operator.

Furthermore, the home dashboard has been added as a new function of the interface. It presents a graphical overview on the status of field communication and data concentrators. Catchy indicators providing feed-back on the evaluation of field technology and mass data help the operator conceive the scenario at a glance. Points which require manual intervention can be detected faster than before so that adequate measures can be taken for troubleshooting.

Future versions of the IDSpectoAMMCockpit.NES are in the pipeline.