New version of intelligent GSM modems


Robin Wilkinson,
Business Development
Electricity, Technolog
Wirksworth, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — August 10, 2007 –British company Technolog, a global supplier of data-loggers and remote metering solutions using the GSM mobile network, has launched a new version of its proven CelloEM GSM modem for electricity meters that supports the increasing ‘smart’ functionality of electronic meters and meter networks.

The modem, which can be remotely re-programmed over the GSM network, offers CSD (‘dial-up’) operation to support traditional dial-up meter networks, or GPRS or SMS depending upon the metering application, data volumes and meter reading frequency. Requiring as little as 40 mA of power from the host meter’s serial port, the modem is suitable for a wide range of electronic meters employed in commercial and industrial applications worldwide. Other features include easy plug-and-play installation with automatic start up and network registration with LED indication of signal strength. Special features support network connection integrity.

Cello EM V2 is suitable for international use and is available with a range of special antenna options to meter manufacturers and utilities. Customised versions of the new modem will become available on a number of leading manufacturers’ meters during 2007, including domestic electric meters.