New version of meter data collection software


Kenda Southampton, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — November 15, 2006 – U.K.-based Kenda Electronic Systems has introduced a new version of its MDCS metering data collection software package used in tariff metering systems.

Operating in conjunction with Kenda’s Meteor range of remote data collection outstations, the software acquires metering data for the specified demand period (normally 30 minutes) stores it in a database, and performs calculations to provide total values and costs for billing purposes.

The new version, known as MDCS-SG, runs under any standard Windows 32-bit operating system – including XP, NT and 2000 – and offers the facility to export data into third party spreadsheets, databases and energy management systems.

In addition to providing a variety of on-screen displays and standard reports, the software allows generating companies and other users to carry out detailed analysis of the metering data.