New wireless M-Bus solution for RL78 and RX MCU families from Renesas Electronics Europe and Steinbeis Transfer Center


Dusseldorf, Germany — (METERING.COM) — October 8, 2012 – A complete wireless M-Bus 169 MHz/868 Mhz solution to address the requirements of submetering applications in Europe is now available from Renesas Electronics Europe and Steinbeis Transfer Center Embedded Design and Networking.

The wireless M-Bus stack conforms to the specification EN 13757 and supports all specified modes (C, N, S1, S1-m, S2, T1, and T2 modes), as well as being extensively tested for interoperability with other solutions. On the application layer, it also supports Open Metering Specifications (OMS) v3 or Dutch Smart Meter Requirements (DSMR). OMS conformability is verified with the new OMS certification tool.

Wireless M-Bus is specified in EN 13757-4 and is specifically targeted for the remote reading of gas or electricity meters, as well as other low power meter applications. The protocol’s characteristics are optimized to the requirements of battery operation, low data rate, robust communication and small stack footprint.

The wireless M-Bus stack offered by Renesas is available on its RX and RL78 microcontroller (MCU) families, together with a choice of radio ICs. The solution includes not only the complete software stack, but also tools such as a wireless M-Bus sniffer and PC-based web surfer from Steinbeis for rapid evaluation and testing. Renesas is able to sub-license the Steinbeis WMBus stack as a library, together with low level drivers for the transceivers optimized both for RX and RL78 MCU families.

“I am delighted that Renesas and Steinbeis Transfer Centre have been able to join together to provide a full wireless M-Bus solution for Renesas MCUs enabling customers designing smart meters and smart gateways to accelerate their time to market using MCUs and software from the market leaders,” commented Peter Kliegelhöfer, senior principal engineer and global segment marketing leader of Renesas Electronics Europe.

The wireless M-Bus solution will be on display by Renesas at Metering, Billing/CRM Europe 2012 in Amsterdam, October 9-11.