Next generation transceiver chip to be developed

Montpellier, France and Leuven, Belgium — (METERING.COM) — November 13, 2007 – Coronis Systems, a provider of ultra-low power wireless OEM solutions for both short range and long range wireless sensor, control and metering networks and Essensium N.V., a fables semiconductor provider of low power system-on-chip ASIC solutions, have announced an agreement to collaborate on the next generation Wavenis technology transceiver chip.

Wavenis technology is the communication platform developed by Coronis Systems to address the need for wireless metering and sensor networking; it is currently deployed in more than 1.3 million devices worldwide. The largest Wavenis network in operation covers 100,000 nodes and is the largest of its kind. At the core of Wavenis technology is its highly optimized wireless communications protocol combined with an advanced sub-GHz RF transceiver.

Coronis has joined forces with Essensium to complete the development of its next generation wireless chip. Essensium’s strong background in developing wireless low power system-on-chip devices and its expertise working with the current generation Wavenis chip made Essensium the ideal choice.

“Extreme low power is an essential element to our technology. The selection of Essensium for its core expertise in low power wireless system-on-chip design means we get to work with a partner that has the ability to help us meet our needs and expectations”, said Laurent Maleysson, General Manager, Coronis Systems.

Essensium will integrate an upgraded Wavenis wireless transceiver and a low power 32-bit RISC controller into a new single chip solution. The embedded RISC controller will run the Wavenis communications protocol stack and on-chip embedded memory is available for a customer’s program code and data.

In September 2007, the Wavenis Open Standard Alliance was launched. The Wavenis-OSA is designed to foster both innovation and cooperation amongst its members. Essensium’s participation as one of the 16 founding members of this Alliance, along with Coronis Systems, is a strong message with regards to its belief in the strength of Wavenis technology and its ability to become a future wireless standard for WSNs.