Norway looks to Tesla for smart energy management


According to The Nordic Page, the Norwegian government has plans to establish eight new research centres for environmentally-friendly energy and technology (FME centers).

[quote] These centres will specialise in different fields and sectors, including smart cities and zero emissions energy systems, sustainable solar technology and intelligent power distribution.

Norway and Tesla have established a mutually beneficial relationship. During a recent visit to the US, Norwegian energy minister Tord Lien visited Silicon Valley in San Francisco, where he visited the Nordic Innovation House and the headquarters of Google and Tesla.

Lien was reported saying, “The reason why we want a bilateral cooperation with Tesla, among others, is that we through FME scheme are investing heavily in the development of smart cities, storage and charging smart grid and zero-emission transportation. Tesla might like to contribute to these initiatives.”

The minister also hopes that its collaboration with Tesla, Norway will have the knowledge and tools at its disposal to renovate the current energy system, where presently different renewable resources are not coordinated while producing energy.

Norway meter data management

In other recent developments, Norwegian business consulting firm Rejiers Embriq agreed to supply MDMS software to power utility Troms Kraft Nett.

Under the terms of the deal, Rejiers Embriq will integrate the Quant SmartGrid platform into Troms Kraft Nett’s grid to manage data from over 70,000 smart meters.

Under the agreement, central grid company Quant will validate data from the 70,000 smart meters that Troms Kraft Nett expects to install by 1 January, 2019.

Erling Dalberg, CEO of Troms Kraft Nett, commented: “We are looking at major investments in the power grid, where digitization and management of huge amounts of data are crucial.”

Troms Kraft Nett is one of Norway’s largest grid companies, monitoring a grid totalling 10,000km including 70,000 metering points spread over 15 out of 24 municipalities in the county of Troms-Norway.