npower and Flexitricity launch smart grid power reserve solution for businesses


David Cockshott,
Director of Industrial
and Commercial
Markets, npower
Swindon, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — January 19, 2011 – U.K. utility npower and storage provider Flexitricity have joined forces to launch the SmartSTOR service which will enable businesses to realize economic value – in some cases more than £100,000 per year – from standby generators and electricity consuming equipment.

Flexitricity provides short term operating reserve (STOR) to the National Grid, which is a method of providing additional power during times of system stress from fast acting generation or demand reduction. npower’s SmartSTOR service will create revenue because National Grid pays businesses to have reserve power available on standby and makes further payments when this reserve electricity is required.

Further, SmartSTOR will improve the reliability of a business’ assets because all assets connected to Flexitricity’s smart grid are monitored remotely and customers are informed immediately of any on-site concerns.
There are also “green” benefits to SmartSTOR, as using power from businesses’ assets will mean that National Grid will not have to hold as many power stations in reserve. STOR arrangements will also enable the increased use of renewable energy as it helps balance out fluctuations by responding to variations in wind, wave, tidal and solar generation.

“We work closely with our industrial and commercial customers to help them manage the twin pressures of energy costs and carbon emissions, so helping them unlock revenue from their existing energy assets is the next logical step,” commented David Cockshott, director of industrial and commercial markets at npower. “This is win-win for customers, providing them with opportunities to earn extra money and increase asset reliability, while reducing carbon emissions and risk in the national electricity system.”

npower has estimated that SmartSTOR will generate up to £15 million gross revenue for its customers and save between 90,000 and 225,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

“Flexitricity is delighted to be extending the reach of its smart grid system through this partnership,” added CEO Ron Ramage. “It demonstrates our ambition to work with innovative companies like npower.”