npower and National Trust launch green energy partnership

Kevin Miles,
Managing Director
npower residential
Swindon, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — September 6, 2007 – U.K. energy company npower and the heritage conservation charity The National Trust have entered into a multi-million pound partnership aimed at encouraging significant investment in microgeneration of renewable energy, stimulating innovation in carbon saving measures and enabling consumers to “green” their homes.

npower will be assisting the Trust with a wide range of measures, from effective metering and “green” refurbishment of buildings to replacing fossil fuels with renewables.

At the heart of the partnership is a green energy offer for consumers, National Trust Green Energy, sourced from npower’s increasing renewable power developments. A no premium product, National Trust Green Energy costs no more than traditional npower electricity and is available to all domestic energy consumers on the British mainland.

Each time a consumer switches to National Trust Green Energy, npower will contribute £15 to a National Trust Green Energy Fund and a further £15 each year they remain a customer. An additional £15 will be paid for each customer who also switches their gas supply, plus an extra £5 for each year they stay with National Trust Green Energy.

The Green Energy Fund investment will be used by the Trust to roll out a range of micro- and small-scale renewable energy generation and other carbon saving initiatives at its sites, with the initial focus on solar photovoltaic, solar hot water and ground source heat pumps.

Moreover each new user will receive practical and financial incentives totaling over £2,000 to help them save energy at home and, where possible, install microgeneration technologies.

Another aspect of the partnership is the establishment of a network of “low carbon villages” recruited from the 60 villages partly or wholly owned by the Trust. The npower community fund will contribute £200,000 annually to support the first three villages taking part. The target is to launch the first NT low carbon village by the end of the year.

“Together, the National Trust and npower can pioneer new solutions to help the U.K. become a low carbon society,” said Kevin Miles, managing director of npower residential. “This is the start of an exciting partnership that will actively seek new ways to provide people’s homes and communities with energy services that encourage the minimum use of carbon.”
Fiona Reynolds, the National Trust’s director-general commented that by teaming up with npower to create National Trust Green Energy, the Trust is helping consumers choose practical solutions for their own homes, whilst also supporting investment in new renewable energy generation at Trust properties. “By joining in with the Trust, we hope everyone can be part of the solution to tackling climate change.”

The National Trust protects and opens to the public over 300 historic houses and gardens and 49 industrial monuments and mills, as well as 250,000 hectares of countryside, moorland, beaches and coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.