Odense Energi continues with advanced metering rollout

Bent Agerholm,
Odense Energi,
Managing Director
Odense, Denmark — (METERING.COM) — April 30, 2007 – Odense Energi A/S in Denmark will expand its advanced metering solution to cover all its 72,000 customers, working together with Landis+Gyr Enermet (LGE). The utility has signed a contract for a turnkey delivery of Enermet’s AIM system for the last 30,000 metering points.

Odense Energi Managing Director Bent Agerholm says: "The whole delivery process of the first advanced meters to our customers met our expectations. We look forward to continuing the constructive cooperation with LGE.”

According to Mr Agerholm, advanced meters are a natural part of a modern distribution network in a market-based electricity system with a high level of persistent energy. "The European energy policy in the future means an increasing need for a price-elastic market, and this creates a demand for advanced meters," he says.

Odense Energi’s investment in advanced metering was originally based on a careful analysis of costs and benefits. The utility wanted to improve both customer service and network management in order to be prepared for future competition in the energy market.

The implementation of the turnkey solution will be completed in 2009, when all 72,000 of Odense Energi’s customers will have an advanced meter. The communication medium is mainly low voltage power line, which has proven to be the optimal technology in terms of cost efficiency and reliability.