Ofwat gets tough with Thames Water

The Thames

London, UK — (METERING.COM) — July 5, 2006 – British water regulatory agency Ofwat has today ruled in favor of the consumer and has ordered that Thames Water spend 150 million pounds preventing leaks and ensuring water supply.

The ruling, appropriately labeled “restorative justice” by Ofwat chairman Philip Fletcher, comes in the midst of a 17 month drought in the southeastern region of England and water use down 5 to 10 percent from a year go.

"People and businesses are endeavoring to behave as responsibly as possible, in the face of rising prices, hosepipe bans, threats of drought orders and environmental scaremongering, with their water usage. By contrast, the water suppliers are acting irresponsibly in pursuit of profit while failing to effectively combat water waste,” commented Tory environment spokesman on the London Assembly, Roger Evans.