OIML R 46 accepted for international market access


The International Organization of Legal Metrology’s (OIML) Recommendation R 46, “Active electrical energy meters,” was earlier this month approved by the members of the International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML).

This implies a time and cost saving opportunity for manufacturers, as, when having their meters tested in accordance with this Recommendation, they will be able to get easy market access in multiple countries by using the combination of OIML and IEC/EN reports.

Testing for OIML R 46 is already available from the NMi group, which for many years has performed testing in conformity with a number of IEC standards, including IEC 62052/62053 or the EN 50470 series. Individual stated tests can be performed separately, including the durability test conform par. 6.4.17 in accordance with IEC 62059-32-1 and the high order harmonics test conform par. 6.3.17.

Based on the manufacturers’ requirements and country specifications, NMi can make separate plans on MID, OIML, IEC/EN testing, or a combination of all available OIML/IEC/EN standards to create the most optimal market acceptance package.

Publication of the official version of the OIML R 46 document is expected within a short period of time.