OMS calls for experts for wired M-Bus working group


Munich, Germany — (METERING.COM) — January 15, 2013 – The OMS (Open Metering System) Group is looking for experts to participate in the new Working Group 4 to develop an OMS application profile for the wired M-Bus.

This application profile will be a supplement to the existing OMS specification, defining another subset of the M-Bus specification in a way that guarantees interoperability with OMS systems.

For wired M-Bus products the same opportunity for certification will be implemented as for other recent wireless OMS products.

OMS WG experts must be employees of members, or prospective members, of the OMS Group and nominations should be submitted by February 2, 2013.

Thereafter the OMS Executive Board will designate the first members of WG 4 at its next meeting in February 5. Subsequently additional working group members may be designated, based on nominations received by March 5, subject to the practical size of the working group not being exceeded.

The WG should start operation during March 2013 and will elect a chairperson from its participants.

The Open Metering System specification is intended as an open, vendor independent standard for communications interfaces and basic requirements for consumption measurement meters for electricity, gas, water and heat, including submetering.