Open metering solution demonstrated

October 7, 2009 – CURRENT Group, LLC, a leading Smart Grid company and founding member of the PRIME Alliance, announces that it has successfully demonstrated the interoperability of the first ever open metering solution in support of Europe’s Smart Grid Roadmap.

Interoperability has been successfully tested in multi-vendor environments based on multiple chipset technologies. "We have demonstrated an open, non-proprietary, fully interoperable and robust communication carrier between utilities and their customers. This demonstration provides a clear path to solving the need for a public, cost-effective Smart Grid communications infrastructure in support of Europe’s Smart Grid roadmap," said Tom Willie, CURRENT’s Senior Vice President of Product Development and Technology and Vice Chairman of the PRIME Alliance.

In order to achieve this interoperability milestone, CURRENT has worked closely with leading technology partners and Iberdrola, a world leader in electric power, through the PRIME Alliance to define, test, and validate the overall solution.

"Legacy metering approaches often required utilities to accept that the communications link between the meter vendor and meter collector was proprietary, in essence locking the utility into a single communications provider solution. The PRIME initiative is designed to define standards that allow meter vendors and meter collector providers to integrate open communications solutions which will speed adoption, reduce cost, and expand the capabilities of Smart Grid solutions for utility customers and CURRENT has demonstrated that such a system works. This will result in lower cost meters, more innovative energy management solutions and a faster realization of the reliability and energy efficiency gains and carbon emissions reductions that a Smart Grid will produce," said Tom Willie.