Our learnings from rollout deployment


Smart meter rollout deployment

Invaluable benefits of smart metering

Smart meter roll-out projects are running worldwide with different dynamics, approaches, and deadlines.

It is an essential first step towards the digital transformation and provides invaluable benefits to electrical distributors worldwide. Not only does it reduce meter reading costs but also turns an outdated energy system into smart demand-driven, flexible and greener one.

Planning and executing the rollout

Planning is key

Before performing roll-out deployment, utilities need to do their research and create a detailed and realistic plan considering time, budget, and risk management. It is also crucial that everyone in the team is working towards a common goal and is actively involved in the planning stage.

DSOs should carry out pilots to assess new AMI technologies, mitigate the project risks, and receive some aggregated recommendations on how to make the smart meter roll-out a success.

The deployment process needs to be prepared carefully and executed by specially trained smart energy experts. Often installation problems occur because of the installer’s lack of expertise and experience in smart metering.

Reachability and readability

Arkossa specialises in providing personalised smart metering services, including planning the deployment of smart meters and optimising and operating Power Line Communications networks. We bring together our hands-on field experience of deploying smart meters with the added-value of guaranteeing reachability and readability. We have worked with numerous utilities in order to optimise their PLC networks and realise the full potential of smart metering.

We have been able to integrate our key learnings into pilot projects successfully executed in Europe and South America.

Optimal use of the data provided by smart meters

Preparation for the energy transition

To become a data-driven company is a new challenge for DSOs that requires drastic changes in business operations and the organisational structure.

Utilities need to ensure that they are equipped to deal with this new power generation landscape.

Handling end-to-end projects

Armed with our designed smart metering tools, Arkossa’s specialists can collect, analyse, and make use of continuously increasing complexity and size of Big Data coming from the distribution network. They manage and maintain advanced metering infrastructures and pinpoint the problems occurring with specific distribution assets on the grid for operation improvement.

Our team is capable of handling end-to-end projects, enabling utilities to adapt in the energy sector transition with no need to make any organisational changes.

Best practices for a successful rollout

Roll-out deployment is a complex project requiring installing millions of smart meters, so a smooth and efficient installation is crucial.

A successful roll-out deployment needs to be supported by additional services and technologies that need to be available and to work with smart meters.

Well-planned and executed projects bring invaluable benefits to DSOs and can save on time, costs and resources.

Arkossa’s personalised services not only help DSOs to meet new requirements within the electrical sector but also guarantee a successful smart grid rollout.

José Antonio Grande, commercial director: “Arkossa Smart Solution is working together with other companies to reach new markets. We offer operation and maintenance services in order to support the roll-out of smart metering following the service work procedures that Arkossa has performed during the last years”.

An essential guide

As an active member of ESMIG organisation, the European voice of the smart energy solution providers, we were asked to share our hands-on field experience and learnings in smart metering deployment in order to create an essential guide for countries preparing for smart metering roll-out.

Download the document here: https://esmig.eu/resource/10-best-practices-successful-smart