Over 40,000 smart meters to be deployed in Czech Republic households


Jiri Kudrnac,
Director, Distribution
Division, CEZ Group
October 1, 2010 – The CEZ Group, an electricity generation, distribution and trade conglomerate based in the Czech Republic, has signed a $20.6 million, two-year application services agreement with HP to implement an advanced meter management (AMM) pilot program. The program will enable consumers to accurately monitor household energy usage and change consumption habits to lower costs.

Under the agreement, HP will lead a consortium of companies over the next two years to deploy more than 40,000 smart meters to households in the Czech Republic. The AMM pilot program also allows CEZ Group to collect data from and manage the meters of four vendors in preparation for deployment of the full-scale AMM project.  HP Utility Center software will supervise the distribution network for event and alarm management, ensuring security and minimizing disruptions.

“We are always looking for ways to give our consumers more control over their electricity consumption,” said Jiri Kudrnac, director, Distribution Division, CEZ Group. “By working with HP, we hope that in the future our customers will have the opportunity to look at their consumption in real time and compare it in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly results. This will result in increased consumer awareness that will lead to cost savings for each household.”

The AMM program will help CEZ Group comply with the new EU policy that prohibits utilities services from billing upfront. It will also enable CEZ customers become more conscious of their energy use, thereby empowering them to make smarter decisions about their consumption and role in environmental sustainability. An increased awareness of personal energy usage will also help drive consumers to scale down their consumption which will then in turn help to decrease their monthly energy bill.

“As a result of new EU regulation, companies now need to find a cost-effective and resourceful way to provide customers with real-time monthly billing,” said Jan Zadak, Senior Vice President HP Enterprise Business EMEA . “HP’s cutting edge technology and expertise in software integration will not only help CEZ Group identify the best processes to use, but will also enable it to become a technology leader in the industry.”

HP expects to complete installation of the smart meter technology by the end of next year.