REGOs prices

Green certificates survey finds REGO prices on the rise

REGOs have recovered slightly from the fall that occurred due to COVID-19, according to Cornwall Insight’s Green Certificates survey.
climate change

Coalition announces 2021 projects to decarbonise transport and logistics

The aim is to sustain new green mobility models and to reduce the impact of transport and logistics on climate change.

EDP to push energy storage and green hydrogen

Portugal's EDP Group has created new business units to grow energy storage and green hydrogen production, particularly in the US and Europe.

Webinar 18 March: The Evolution of the Grid Edge

Join Smart Energy International in this live discussion where guest experts will address The issues of latency and real-time communication, the challenge of data and bandwidth, and the enablement of automation through the grid edge.

Blockchain flexibility services to launch in northern Spain

The ElectraFlex project, utilising Energy Web’s blockchain, is being developed to deliver flexibility to the distribution grid in the Catalonia region.

Europe’s DSOs ready to take on challenge of their new role...

Europe’s DSOs are considering advanced technologies, massive distributed energy resources and regulatory experimentations, the EC’s Joint Research Centre reports.

Accenture and Microsoft to speed-up energy transition for UK utilities

Accenture has partnered with Microsoft to help the UK to accelerate its energy transition.
Total energy storage

Total selects AutoGrid to optimise France’s largest battery storage project

Global energy company Total has selected energy technology firm AutoGrid to optimise its battery energy storage plant in France.
ultrasonic gas meter

New ultrasonic smart gas meter ready for the UK market

Danish-based mart metering solutions company FLONIDAN has released its first ever ultrasonic SMETS2 gas meter for the UK market.

Europe’s retail energy markets – barriers and best practices

Barriers remain to the liberalisation of European energy markets, many country specific but many also pan-European, a major new study finds.

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